From Left To Right

Suzanne Shudra - Customer Care & Enrollment Specialist
Jason Tomascik - Sr. Business Development Manager
Patrick Moraites - Partner - VP of Business Development
Juan Gomez - Business Development Manager
Dave Jaranovic - Marketing Manager and Grapic Design
Andrew Werdine - Sr. Lead Underwriter
Tommy Bachus - Business Development Manager
Ryan Dejong - Partner - VP Sales and Underwriting
Chelsea Rabeiro - Corporate Controller

it's kind of our thing.

We give back to the community to inspire change to #bethegood in the world. The Axis Group is committed to helping those in need.  We support many local philanthropic efforts ranging from cancer research, education, or homelessness, we want to inspire change within our community and beyond.  Fighter Foundation, Children’s Cancer Center, and Trinity Cafe are local charities we support on a regular basis as we are recognized by one of the most philanthropic companies in Tampa Bay area 3 years in a row.



Relationships extend beyond where we work to the neighborhoods we live in. Our community is designed to help  others in need, and we benefit from the support, encouragement and challenge that we bring to one another. We are dedicated to several causes within our community and support and encourage our employees to do the same.


A major part of one’s life concerns their attitude towards themselves and others. Having a positive mental attitude (PMA) is an important asset and contributes to creating a satisfying and successful culture. We interact with each other, and clients, every day and it’s important for everyone to feel our excitement, enthusiasm and positive outlook.  


Every employee plays an important role in the success of this business. Together we share the same revenue goals and are measured on our performance of working together. We strive for innovation and have a quest for knowledge and growth both personally and professionally.  One of our most important beliefs is for each employee to work harder on themselves than they do their job. Together as a team of strong individuals, we win.


Axis Group promotes open communication and dialogue with all of our employees. Without proper communications things can get lost in translation or misunderstood. We have an open-door policy to express and challenge new ideas and thoughts.  The better we communicate the more we can accomplish. 


An environment of integrity allows everyone to walk with their heads high, and builds trust amongst managers, coworkers, vendors and clients. But, the importance of honesty goes beyond honesty towards one another; it’s about having it for yourself and your own personal development.