We guarantee a quote within 48 hours on receipt of all required documentation.

Upon signature and approval of the Client Service Agreement (CSA) the policy will be bound and documentation will be sent. 

Our experts can recognize the best best coverage when they see it.  In most cases we will not even waste your time in presenting the options we have because your current situation may best suit your needs.

Not allowing the PEO to administer the payroll is not an option. Although this is a common misconception that processes have to change. If the client is utilizing an accounting software like QuickBooks their payroll can be integrated or downloaded into a CSV format an emailed directly to the PEO.

Our goal is to provide 1 to 3 quotes from PEO’s that have different carriers so the client has options with regard to price and rating.

Once a policy is bound, you can request your certificate or “cert” then.  Each PEO has a different procedure. Our client care and enrollment team can assist in directing you to the proper contact.

The CSA is a client service agreement.  This is lays out the stipulations and criteria of your policy; similar to a an auto insurance policy declarations page.   

There are several documents required to enroll a client, but the value of leveraging the AXIS Group is our team will work with the client and the PEO to ensure all the necessary documents are communicated to the client and collected timely.

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page or pick up the phone and give us a call.

No it is not required.  If you have a trusted advisor we would suggest getting him in contact with us. We are agent friendly.

Yes, it is the date you executed your Client Service Agreement (CSA). Refer to your CSA for any stipulations.

Non-payment, influx of claims, misinformation about codes or payroll, and fraudulent claims are a few reasons for non renewal/termination. A PEO will give 30 days minimum notice if they are going to terminate or non renew your coverage to get your affairs in order.  

Yes we specialize in risk challenged scenarios.

All clients should review their CSA as each PEO has a different protocol. As a rule of thumb 30-60 days written notice of termination is required to avoid incurring an early termination fee. 

The Axis Group has access to the largest PEO network and provide a unique experience having an in house underwriting team, expert business development managers, client care, and client enrollment team to support you every step of the way.  We are transparent, honest, and grateful to help other small business owners execute on turning their vision into reality and creating jobs to help other people succeed.  Our teams desire to help others is just a way of life.  We BElieve THEre is Good in the world and strive to always #bethegood every single day.

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