About Axis Group

Axis Group was established in 2002 in Tampa, FL to provide business owners & insurance agencies wholesale access to PEO, ASO, and EOR  employee management solutions. Our platform is simple, we leverage the Nation’s largest PEO vendor network to provide wholesale access to customized all-in-one solutions for payroll, workers compensation, human resources, and employee benefits that are proven to save time, increase retention while improving business growth and productivity. A single vendor and single solution to increase the success of your business. 

Philanthropy...it's kind of our thing.

WHAT'S THE C-A-T-C-H for axis group?

We give back to the community to inspire change in the world.  We are committed to helping those in need through many local philanthropic efforts ranging from cancer research, education, or poverty we want to inspire change within our community and beyond. Fighter Foundation, Children’s Cancer Center, and Trinity Cafe are local charities we support on a regular basis as we are recognized by one of the most philanthropic companies in the Tampa Bay area 3 years in a row.


A community is designed to help others in need & challenge others do the same. We are dedicated to several causes within our community and support and encourage our employees to do the same.


Your attitude towards yourself and others is vital. A positive mental attitude is vital in creating a successful culture. We believe that positivity & enthusiasm is vital in the workplace and beyond.


We strive for innovation and have a quest for knowledge & growth both personally & professionally. We want our employees to strive to be better so together as a team of strong individuals, we win.


Our open door policy allows employees to share new ideas, concerns, and processes without pressure or judgement. The better we communicate as a team the more we can accomplish. 


An environment of integrity allows builds trust amongst managers, coworkers, vendors, and clients. The importance of honesty goes beyond that; it's being honest with yourself and your personal development.

Axis Group Charitable Organizations