Axis Group

Agency Rewards Program

Refer a new agent or agency partner and receive 100 points upon receipt of their first submission.  Save up your points, spend them, buy yourself or someone else a gift; it’s up to you!  

To refer an agent or agency fill out the form below.


For Every $10,000 in premium receive 10 points

Agent/Agency Referral = 100 points

$10k premium:           $10 = 10 points

$50k premium:           $50 = 50 points

$100k premium:       $100 = 100 points

$500k premium:       $500 = 500 points

   $1 mil premium:    $1,000 = 1000 points

Axis Group Mug

20 points

Alexa Dot

80 Points

#BeTheGood Kit

100 points

30 oz. Yeti Tumbler

120 points

Alexa Show

225 Points

North Face Rain Jacket

275 points

North Face Jacket

275 points

Beats Headphones

325 points


325 points

Yeti Hopper Bag

350 points

Yeti 65 Cooler

500 pts

Axis Group LLC is not an affiliate of Yeti, Amazon, or North Face.  These products are intended for a reward program and in no way are utilized for profit.  Axis Group LLC holds no liability regarding selected product upon receipt of delivery. In the event of a product malfunction please reference the manufacturer warranty policy.