The Axis Group Blog is a resource to educate business owners and insurance agents about the benefits of utilizing outsourcing solutions and PEOs for payroll processing, workers compensation, health benefits, & human resource management.  Leveraging the largest vendor network in the nation, we have solutions to help in the most critical situations in any industry.  

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Business Owners Secret Weapon to Attract Top Talent

Many small employers automatically assume that there is no way their organization can afford or administer fortune 500 style robust health insurance coverages and provide everyone ancillary or indemnity benefits. You know what they say when a person “assumes” something.

Ready for 2022
Getting Your Business Ready For 2022

Before you get too mired in the hustle and bustle of end-of-the-year activities, Moraites recommends using the final weeks of 2021 to do a thorough review of your records and take care of any last-minute tasks to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running in 2022.

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Construction Startup Uses PEO To Get To Work Faster

Startups are not only in the tech industry. A startup company can be in any industry and currently, construction startups are taking the market by storm and utilizing PEO employee management solutions and HRIS technologies to gain an edge on the competition.

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Employers use PEO to Navigate Vaccine Mandates

President Joe Biden recently announced that private companies with 100 or more employees will be required to ensure their workers are vaccinated or tested weekly for the virus.

What To Expect Working With a PEO

“I have to reassure them that things are going to be OK. We’re not taking their job from them. We’re actually trying to help their team lighten up their load a little bit.”

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When is the right time to hire a PEO?

Timing is everything for business owners. Changes have an impact on your employees, operations, and cash flow. When is the right time to bring on a PEO?

What is a PEO Blog

A Professional Employer Organization provides integrated business services to businesses of all sizes.

What does Axis Group Do?

Axis Group is a P.E.O. (Professional Employer Organization) M.G.A. (Managing General Agency) focused on helping business owners source payroll processing, workers comp, and human resource management solutions that stabilize cash flow, improve employee retention, save time, and promote so you can focus on your business. Leveraging 100+ vendors, Axis Group can find a solution to overcome any challenges or unique situations a business may face.

Payroll Processing

Payroll Solutions are key to keeping your cash flow stable, tax compliant, & up to date.

Human Resource Management

Stay in compliance with labor laws, reduce churn, improved performance.

Workers Compensation

Certified solutions for any industry including risk assessment, safety audits, & more.

Employee Wellness

Health benefits employees' families can utilize to reduce out-of-pocket expenses.