Glossary of Terms

PEO: Professional Employer Organization

ASO: Administrative Service Organization

HRO: Human Resource Outsourcing

SUTA: State Unemployment Tax Act

FUTA: Federal Unemployment Tax Act

FICA: Federal Insurance Contributions Act

FEIN: Federal Tax Identification Number

EIN: Employer Identification Number

DBA: Doing Business As

HRIS: Human Resource Information System

HR: Human Resources

ACA: Affordable Care Act

EOR: Employer of Record

P&C: Property and Casualty

MGA: Master General Agency or Managing General Agency

GA: General Agent

Acord: Work Comp Application

RFP: Request for Proposal

BTG: Be the Good

WC: Work Comp

XMod: Experience Modification Rating

OSHA: Occupational Safety & Health Administration

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment

USL&H: United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act

NLA: No Loss Affidavit

NCCI: National Council of Compensation Insurance

MVR: Motor Vehicle Record

DOT: Department of Transportation

DOL: Department of Labor

DOI: Department of Insurance

EPLI: Employment Practices and Liability Insurance

EE: Employee

WSE: Worksite Employee

GAP: Gross Annual Payroll

SIC: Standard Industrial Classification

LOX: Letter of Explanation