How a PEO Can Help Pest Control companies be more successful

How PEOs can help pest control companies be more successful:

Many types of businesses can benefit from working with a PEO, and pest control companies are no exception. It makes sense – pest control owners and operators have a lot on their plates. Between service calls and meetings with prospective customers, there isn’t much time left to take care of administrative tasks. Plus, because most owners and operators are focused on growing their businesses, every minute they spend on non-revenue producing activities can mean losing out on valuable income.

Here are some of the services that PEOs can provide to pest control companies:

  • Risk management related to workers’ compensation: Pest control technicians work with chemicals every day, and their exposure to these chemicals can be heightened in certain situations, such as when they’re tenting a home. Additionally, they sometimes find themselves on rooftops or in narrow crawl spaces, both of which have the potential to turn dangerous. From a risk management standpoint, having the support of a PEO can ensure that you have all the correct procedures in place and can help you identify and supply the proper safety equipment to protect your employees.
  • Human resources tasks: As your company grows, it’s important to have a handbook of policies and procedures in place for new people to follow to keep things running smoothly. Clear job descriptions that outline the specifics of each role should also be created to alleviate guesswork and help with onboarding. A PEO can help with all of these tasks, ensuring that your company stays in compliance under the guidance of certified HR professionals no matter how big it grows. Plus, having everything laid out in black and white can boost morale and establish a culture of consistency and predictability.
  • Payroll processing: Getting your team paid is important but can be incredibly time-consuming. A PEO can take that burden off your shoulders and handle all tasks relating to tax compliance, new hire onboarding and departure, time reporting, labor laws, state and federal regulations, payroll-related tax filings, W-2, 940&941 withholdings, and payroll processing software.
  • Insurance: If you’re a pest control operator and you’re in growth mode, you may be interested in expanding your business into other states. That means you’ll need to find insurance to cover you in your new location, something that’s not always quick or easy. However, if you work with a PEO that is already licensed and has coverage in other states, the process can be a snap and you can rest assured knowing that you’re protected from a licensing, regulation, and compliance standpoint. Additionally, PEOs can help minimize the cost of workers’ compensation insurance and there are no deposits or audits with convenient pay-as-you-go policies.

Matthew Eickman, CEO of Minnesota-based Abra Kadabra Environmental Services, recently turned to the team at AXIS Group to help with his HR and risk management needs.


I identified that the growth of my company and the increase in staff members associated with that growth was directly correlated with an increase in risk that my company took on,” Eickman said. “I wanted to free up hours spent in-house on HR and decrease liability associated with HR.

I also wanted to increase the benefits I offer to my employees in order to attract strong applicants and keep them for extended periods of time.”


Eickman, who described his experience as “smooth,” would recommend AXIS to other pest control owners or operators who are seeking to grow their companies.


Working with AXIS can allow you to focus on what you’re good at – killing bugs – instead of human resources and payroll processing issues,” he said.


Curious about how a PEO can help you grow your pest control company? Contact the team of experts at AXIS Group and find out what we can do to support you.