Earning Residual Income Through Referrals

Start your side hustle today and begin earning!

Making a little extra money is always a good thing, especially as we continue to navigate life in the era of Covid-19. Whether it’s driving for a rideshare company, doing grocery delivery or walking your neighbor’s dog, there are more ways than ever to bring in extra income, but there’s one that you’re probably not aware of – referring business to AXIS Group.

AXIS Group, one of the nation’s largest PEO Master General Agencies, gets most of its business through referrals from commercial insurance agents. However, anyone who has a relationship with a business owner can make a referral and potentially start earning monthly residual income. Now you might be thinking “I don’t even know what a PEO is. How can I be a good referral source?” Well, the good news is that you do not have to be well versed in the inner workings of PEOs. By simply having conversations with the business owners in your network – both large and small – you could discover a treasure trove of prospective referrals who could benefit from hiring a PEO. It’s a win-win – they get help with managing and growing their business and you start collecting “mailbox money.”

Here’s how it works: 

Imagine you’re talking with a friend who owns a business, and she mentions that her payroll provider made another error or that she’s spending most of her time dealing with HR headaches. This is your opportunity to say “That sounds really tough. Would you be interested in talking to someone I know and trust who specializes in handling these types of issues?” 

Your friend says yes so you send an email introduction and the team at AXIS Group takes it from there. They’ll provide her with a cost analysis and a second opinion on how she’s managing her human capital spend, which is comprised of payroll, HR, workers’ compensation and other related areas, and help identify her pain points. If she ultimately determines she wants to move forward, you’ll get compensated on a residual basis for as long as your friend remains an AXIS client and you’ll be regularly updated on the status of your payment through an automated system.

How much can you earn?

That depends on the services your friend signs up for – and how many other business owners you refer. Some people are receiving $20,000 checks each month so spreading the word about AXIS can really pay off. And because AXIS operates under the philosophy of “it’s always right to do the right thing,” you can trust their team won’t force your referrals into an arrangement that’s not beneficial to them or sell them anything they don’t need.

To recap:

It really can be this easy to bring in extra income. Keep your ears out next time you’re chatting with your friends who are business owners. Axis may be able to help them while helping you at the same time!

Are you a sales rep who calls on businesses including but not limited to the IT Industry, Finance, Commercial Cleaning or work reguarly with C-level executives or HR Professionals? 

We would love to help you add more value to these relationships. Our team is happy to provide a more detailed overview of our services while giving you the opportunity to earn a little money on the side. 

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